Trump’s America and the World: The Perils of a US Disengagement from Global Politics

kutsutilaisuus · Auditorium 116, University of Helsinki, Unioninkatu 35, Helsinki · 28.09.2018 14:15 - 15:45


The keynote of this event addresses the two most important questions concerning the United States’ role in the world. The first part of the talk examines how fast America is declining. The underlying assessment is that for many decades into the future, the U.S. will be the only state in a position to sustain a globally engaged grand strategy. The second part of the talk then analyses the current grand strategic debate over whether America should “stay engaged” or should now “come home.” The analysis by Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth in the recently published book “America Abroad: The United States’ Global Role in the 21st Century” shows that Washington would be wise to sustain the core elements of the so-called “deep engagement” grand strategy, since pulling back from the world would have a variety of negative consequences for America and for its global partners. The conclusion of the talk will then discuss the implications of Trump’s foreign policy stance for Europe.


Stephen G. Brooks


Stephen G. Brooks

Professor, Dartmouth College
University Lecturer, Centre for European Studies, University of Helsinki:


University Lecturer, Centre for European Studies, University of Helsinki:

Johanna Vuorelma


Ville Sinkkonen

Research Fellow, Finnish Institute of International Affairs