Where is India headed? A conversation with Samir Saran

kutsutilaisuus · SEMINAR · 27.06.2024 10:00 - 10:45
  • kutsutilaisuus


In India’s most recent national elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi won a third consecutive five-year term in office. Since the start of the first administration under Modi in 2014, India has turned into an increasingly influential and ambitious global player. India’s rise is undeniable: it is the world’s most populous country, destined to become the third largest economy by the 2030s; it is a formidable military power and, as of 2023, also a space power; it has clearly stepped up its role as voice of the so-called Global South; and it plays a key role in terms of climate change mitigation. But how does India see global order and its own place in it? How do we make sense of its stance towards Russia and the war in Ukraine? Where does the country place itself in the ongoing great-power competition between the US and China? What does New Delhi seek to gain from groupings such as the Quad and BRICS+? How can we cooperate with India in the international green transition? Together with Samir Saran, India’s prime foreign-policy expert and president of the country’s leading think tank, ORF, this seminar will explore how India seeks to shape the future. 


Speaker: Samir Saran, President of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF)

Moderator: Katja Creutz, Programme Director, Editor-in-Chief, FIIA