Summer Session 2016





Tides of US Policies in Northern Europe

August 31 – September 2, 2016

The Center on US Politics and Power (CUSPP) at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs will organize the third Helsinki Summer Session from August 30 to September 2, 2016, in Helsinki.

Cooperation between the US and the countries of the Baltic Sea region has recently focused on security. The two sides have common democratic values and concerns and have grown increasingly interdependent in their economies, digitalization, logistics, as well as security. However, the extensive transatlantic partnership with the Nordic-Baltic states is also driven by many domestic and external factors. The upcoming US presidential elections will set the tone of the transatlantic relationship for the next four years. During the Obama administration, US policy has concentrated more on other regions of the world. Many observers in the Nordic-Baltic region welcomed the low-key patient US approach. Others, however, wanted a more active response from the US to the Russian challenge to the regional order. Considerations that set the tone of the policies include the complexities of US global commitments, US Economic resources, evolving cultural ties, as well as changing conceptualizations of the US global role. The weight of current political issues — such as Russian posturing, NATO’s evolution, and trade negotiations — is a function of US geostrategic inclinations as well as regional partners’ and allies’ abilities and willingness to contribute added-value to US policies. The Helsinki Summer Session 2016 will evaluate the many drivers of the overall relationship from the perspective of the future US role in the Nordic-Baltic region.

The 3rd Helsinki Summer Session is an interdisciplinary event, convening researchers and policy experts. The program will include panel discussions and stimulating debate on the following topics:

  • Security Policy (Institutions/Cyber)
  • US Foreign Policy after Obama: Implications for Northern Europe
  • US-Russia Relations
  • Global Governance
  • Economic Affairs

For more information about the Helsinki Summer Session, please contact:

Research Fellow Ville Sinkkonen, tel. +3589 432 7783, 



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