Arkady Moshes

Programme Director - The EU's Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia research programme
Telephone +358 9432 7750

Academic degree
PhD, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1992

Russia-EU relations
Internal and foreign policy of Ukraine and Belarus

Selected publications

Does it make sense to expect a colour revolution in Belarus? PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 485, October 2017. 

EU-Russia relations: quo vadis? Muddling, normalization or deterioration. PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 454, January 2017.

Lukashenko’s "Drift to the West”: Why Moscow Should Not Be Worried. PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 440,September2016.

Three years after Euromaidan: is Ukraine still on the reform track? (with R.Nizhnikau), FIIA Briefing paper 207, December 2016.

Belarus: deepening dependence on Russia leaves little room for the EU's geostrategic engagement. (with András Rácz). In FIIA Report 47 Key Actors in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood, September 2016, pp. 133-148.

EU policy in the Eastern Neighbourhood: more ambition, stricter conditionality, less for less. The European Union at the new crossroads. Conference Contributions for "The European Union: Imprint of the Latvian Presidency”, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Riga, 2016, pp. 19-22.

Will Europe Blink First on Ukraine? PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo 422, March 2016.

The Eurasian Economic Union: a case of reproductive integration? (with S.Roberts) – Post-Soviet Affairs (forthcoming)
No Change on the Horizon: Belarus after the 2015 Presidential Election FIIA Briefing Paper 181, September 2015 (co-authored with András Rácz).

The war and reforms in Ukraine: Can it cope with both? FIIA Briefing Paper 173, March 2015.

Not Another Transnistria: How sustainable is separatism in Eastern Ukraine? FIIA Analysis 4, December 2014 (co-authored with Andras Racz).

The Eurasian Economic Union: Breaking the pattern of post-Soviet integration? FIIA Analysis 3, 2014 (co-authored with Sean Roberts, Anaďs Marin and Katri Pynnöniemi).

Positions of Trust
Member of the Programme on New Approaches to Research and Security in Eurasia (PONARS Eurasia), currently at George Washington University, Washington DC
Member of the Editorial Board of Russian Politics and Law, M.E.Sharp, 2009 -
Academic Director of the Programme "Russia’s European Choice: With or Into the EU?”, FIIA, part of the "Russia in Flux” Programme, Academy of Finland (2004-2007)

Russian, English (working languages), Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian