Sinikukka Saari

Senior Research Fellow - The EU's Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia research programme
Telephone +358 29 535 1883

On leave of absence until January 2019

Academic degree
PhD in International Relations, the London School of Economics and Political Science (2007)
Political developments in Russia, Russian policy in the post-Soviet space, EURussia relations, the EU’s Eastern Partnership and conflict resolution in the post-Soviet space
Ongoing research projects
Managing distrust between the EU, Russia and the states in their shared neighbourhood
Recent publications

Katri Pynnöniemi & Sinikukka Saari, "Hybrid influence – lessons from Finland", NatoReview, 28.6.2017.

Kristi Raik & Sinikukka Saari (eds.), Key Actors in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood: Competing perspectives on geostrategic tensions, FIIA Report, September 2016.

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Veera Laine, Toivo Martikainen, Katri Pynnöniemi & Sinikukka Saari, Zugzwang in slow motion? The implications of Russia’s system-level crisis, FIIA Analysis, December 2015.

Sinikukka Saari, The Thin Line between Failure and Success. The OSCE's Competence and Capability in Conflict Management: The Case of Georgia. Security and Human Rights, vol. 25, no 2 (July 2015).

Sinikukka Saari, Russia's public diplomacy: Soft tools with a hard edge. Border Crossing, April 2015.

Sinikukka Saari, From stagnation to cul-de-sac? The roots and trajectory of Russia's troubles, FIIA Briefing Paper, February 2015.

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Sinikukka Saari,Georgia's search for the third way: despite a strong westward pull, Georgia attempts to improve its relations with Russia,FIIA Briefing Paper, no. 157, kesäkuu 2014

Sinikukka Saari, 'Russia's post-Orange revolution strategies to increase its influence in former Soviet republics: Public diplomacy po russkii',Europe–Asia Studies, vol. 66 (2014), no 1
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Sinikukka Saari, ‘Nurturing Trust in Wider Black Sea Region’, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, vol. 11, no. 3  

Sinikukka Saari: The Boom and Crash of Modernisation Zeal in EU–Russia Relations, Baltic Rim Economies, 2/2011
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Sinikukka Saari and Katri Pynnöniemi: Medvedev's take on the power vertical: Are the rules of the game changing in Russia?, FIIA Briefing Paper 51, Helsinki: FIIA, January 2010
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Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish