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Briefing Paper May 2017 The cyber-enabled information struggle: Russia's approach and Western vulnerabilities
Veli-Pekka Kivimäki
Briefing Paper May 2017 The new Frontex and the future of Schengen: A brick fortress, or a castle made of sand?
Teemu Tammikko
Briefing Paper March 2017 The EU-Japan partnership: Stepping stone for a stronger presence in Asia?
Bart Gaens
Briefing Paper March 2017 A More Powerful European Council: Old and new trends
Juha Jokela
Briefing Paper March 2017 The Southern Gas Corridor: Challenges to a geopolitical approach in the EU’s external energy policy
Marco Siddi
Briefing Paper February 2017 Alternative Ways of Global Governance: Informal institutions and the role of small states
Katja Creutz
Briefing Paper February 2017 Turkish Troops in Syria: Is it all about the Kurds from now on?
Toni Alaranta
Briefing Paper January 2017 Xi Jinping at Mid-term and Beyond: What lies ahead for China during the incumbent leader’s second term?
Jyrki Kallio
Briefing Paper January 2017 Middle Eastern Terror in Flux: Mosul after Daesh, Daesh after Raqqa
Wolfgang Mühlberger & Olli Ruohomäki
Briefing Paper December 2016 Europe's New Defence Agenda: Major hurdles still remain
Tuomas Iso-Markku & Niklas Helwig
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