Turkey and the EU’s Security in Times of Trouble: What is the Nature of the Relationship in Terms of Security Cooperation?

invitation only · Arkadiankatu 23, entrance H (inner courtyard), Helsinki · 20.03.2018 14:00 - 16:00

invitation only

A year has passed since the approval of a new Constitution that will turn Turkey’s regime into an executive presidency. Simultaneously, Turkey’s relations with the Western institutions, both the EU and NATO, have become increasingly strained. This seminar will ask what is the current nature of the Turkey-EU relationship. How does Turkey’s increasingly problematic relationship with NATO affect EU-Turkey cooperation? What is Turkey’s current and future place in the EU’s security architecture? Considering its highly authoritarian domestic system and aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East in particular, is it still possible to regard Turkey as an important security-provider to the Western world?

FIIA organises this seminar as a member of the Europe-wide VIADUCT network, which aims to enhance the visibility of academic research on EU-Turkey relations.







Opening Words and Chair

Teija Tiilikainen


Paul T. Levin

Director, Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies

Hanna Ojanen

Docent, University of Helsinki


Toni Alaranta

Senior Research Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs