Comparison of Finnish Defence and Foreign Policy Approaches – Discourses on Security Policy Stances and the Demilitarisation of the Åland Islands
The Åland Islands Peace Institute
Saila Heinikoski

New peer-reviewed article by FIIA’s senior research fellow Salla Heinikoski on different Finnish defence and foreign policy approaches related to security policy stances and the demilitarisation of the Åland Islands published in the Journal of Autonomy and Security Studies. 

The article analyses foreign and defence policy arguments in the Finnish parliamentary discourses after Finland’s EU accession (2004–2017) related to the concepts of military non-alliance, non-membership of a military alliance, as well as demilitarisation and neutralisation of the Åland Islands. It examines how foreign policy and defence policy perspectives differ in the parliamentary debates and committee reports on the concepts.

More information on the article from this link.

Senior Research Fellow