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Call for Papers

3rd Helsinki Summer Session:

Tides of the US Policies in the Northern Europe

The Center on US Politics and Power (CUSPP) at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs will organize the third Helsinki Summer Session from August 30 to September 2, 2016, in Helsinki. The Helsinki Summer Session is an interdisciplinary event, convening researchers and policy experts. The program of the conference will take the format of keynote presentations and thematic workshops.

The cooperation between US and the Baltic Sea region has become more intensively focused on US engagement in the field of security. The two sides have common democratic values and concerns, and have grown increasingly interdependent in terms of economy, digitalization, logistics as well as security. However, the extensive and wide-ranging transatlantic partnership with the Nordic-Baltic states is driven by many domestic and external factors. The upcoming US presidential elections set the tone of the engagements for the next four years. During the Obama years, US policy was focused on other regions. Yet, many observers in the Nordic-Baltic region welcomed US constructive and patient approach. Some, however, wanted more active response to the Russian challenge of the rule-based regional order. The balance of considerations that set the tone of the policies include the complexities US global commitments, its economic resources, changing cultural ties, as well as changing conceptualizations of US global role. The weight of current main political issues – such as the Russian posturing, NATOs evolution, trade negotiations – is a function of the overall US geostrategic inclinations as well as regional partners and allies’ ability and willingness to contribute added-value to US regional and global projects. Helsinki Summer Session 2016 will evaluate the many drivers of the overall engagement dynamic from the perspective of the future US role in the region.

We welcome paper proposals on new and innovative approaches on understanding the US policies in the northern Europe.

To apply: The applicant should submit an abstract (max. 300 words) by March 11, 2016 including the following information: the title of the paper as well as the affiliation and email address of the author. The abstracts should be submitted to research assistant Anna Wikholm ( The participants will be informed of their acceptance to the Helsinki Summer Session by April 2016. To the most qualified candidates grant will cover travel arrangements, local accommodation costs and meals. The purpose is to produce a report on the theme of the Helsinki Summer Session.

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