Volume 27, Special Issue (p. 1-137)
European Foreign Affairs Review
Apr 2022

Articles of several FIIA researchers have been featured in a Special Issue of the European Foreign Affairs Review, published in April 2022. 

The issue, edited by FIIA Leading Researcher on European Strategic Autonomy Niklas Helwig, and Postdoctoral Fellow Ville Sinkkonen, brings together articles from several researchers on the topic of European strategic autonomy. It includes the following articles authored by FIIA researchers: 

Strategic Autonomy and the EU as a Global Actor: The Evolution, Debate and Theory of a Contested Term 
by Niklas Helwig, Ville Sinkkonen

The Ambiguity of the EU’s Global Role: A Social Explanation of the Term ‘Strategic Autonomy’
by Niklas Helwig

Preventing What for Whom?: EU Conflict Prevention Efforts in Pursuit of Autonomy
by Katariina Mustasilta

EU Strategic Autonomy and the Perceived Challenge of China: Can Critical Hubs Be De-weaponized?
by Tero Poutala, Elina Sinkkonen, Mikael Mattlin

Past as Prologue? The United States and European Strategic Autonomy in the Biden Era
Garret Martin, Ville Sinkkonen

The issue provides insight into the concept of European strategic autonomy from several perspectives, including how the EU’s pursuit of strategic autonomy affects its efforts in conflict prevention, the role of geoeconomics, the perceived challenge of China, the effect of the United States in the Biden era on European strategic autonomy, as well as the role of Russia.

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The special issue presents the research results from the FIIA project “European Strategic Autonomy in a Geo-economic world“.

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