Kallio, Lic.Phil., has been awarded the Centennial Prize of the Joel Toivola
Foundation as recognition for his merits in the field of China research. The
Foundation commends Kallio especially for his ability to connect China’s long
history with contemporary issues. In addition, the Foundation considers Kallio to
be one of the most prominent translators of Chinese literature into Finnish.

The Prize
of 5,000 Euros was awarded today, 22 October 2015, at the China Research Day
conference organized by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and
sponsored by the Joel Toivola Foundation.

The Joel
Toivola Foundation is dedicated to funding China-related academic research in
Finland. The Foundation commemorates Ambassador Joel Toivola (1915–1999) who
was a renowned China-expert and acted as Finland’s Ambassador to China in 1961–67.

Kallio is Senior Research Fellow at the Finnish Institute of International
Affairs (FIIA). His main research interests encompass China’s foreign policy
and political culture. In April, he was awarded the J.A. Hollo Prize for his
monograph on Confucianism (2014), comprising critical translations of the Analectsand excerpts from other Confucian texts. The Prize is given annually to an
exceptionally high-quality translation of a non-fiction book into Finnish.

information about the Centennial Prize: Executive Director of the Joel Toivola
Foundation, Mr Mikko Eskola, tel. +358 (0) 40 560 9060.