Finland: Without the UK there is no EU
Robert Schuman Foundation and Science Po Center for International Studies

Program Director at the Institute Juha Jokela wrote an article to a publication entitled “BREXIT: What Fair Deal between UK and EU Member States?”. It was published on October 20th. Jokela’s article is called: Finland: “Without the UK there is no EU”, on pages 32-35.

On the invitation of the Centre for International Research at Sciences Po (CERI) 11 European experts explore the future of Britain within the EU: what does the British government want? What is it demanding? Is this acceptable or not? How far are its partners willing to go to keep the UK in the Union? Is a compromise possible? If so what would its main lines be? The referendum result will depend in part on negotiations that are to start between London and its European partners and the answers given to these questions. Also readers are invited to consult the study by Jean-Claude Piris published by the Foundation on this issue.

Link to the publication