The History and Politics of Free Movement within the European Union
Bloomsbury Academic
Saila Heinikoski

In her book titled ‘’The History and Politics of Free Movement within the European Union’’ Senior Research Fellow Saila Heinikoski introduces a new conceptual framework for analyzing practical reasoning in political discourses. This concept is applied in the analysis of national free movement debates contextualized in respective migration histories. 

According to the abstract, the right to free movement is the one privilege that EU citizens value the most in the Union, but one that has also created much political controversy in recent years, as the debates preceding the 2016 Brexit referendum aptly illustrate. This book examines how European politicians have justified and criticized free movement from the commencement of the first Commission of the EU-25 in November 2004 to the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

The book is published by Bloomsbury Academic and is already available as an e-book. Find more information from this link


Senior Research Fellow