Vuoden 2014 voittajat Aikakauslehtikilpailu Editissä
Edit Aikakauslehtikilpailu

T​he Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs won two prizes at the Edit Magazine Awards 2014 organized by the Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association.

The Journal was honored with the award for the overall best layout as well as the best story in the category of trade & organizational magazines. The layout is designed by Teemu Pokela, and the whole editorial staff has been working on it long and hard (and the work continues). The story Vauraat & valitut (4/2014) was written by Anna-Kaisa Hiltunen, edited by Joonas Pörsti, Juha Mäkinen and Teija Tiilikainen, the graphics were done by Teemu Pokela and the pictures drawn by a regular contributor Antti Valta.