Assessing the Impact: North African Militaries in the Arab Spring
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

Senior Research Fellow at the Institute Wolfgang Mühlberger wrote an article about the North African militaries role in the Arab Spring. The article was published in Sicherheit & Frieden (S+F) on March 26th (Volume 33, Issue 1).

“Whereas Marocco and Algeria managed to navigate quite calmly through the troubled waters of the Arab Spring, three other North-African countries, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, experienced varying degrees of upheaval. The aim of this study is to highlight the distinct roles played by the armed forces of the latter three states in this tentative political transition by analysing the interests that effectively determined their level of involvement during and after the revolts, postures which in turn impacts on the orientation of this potentially groundbreaking political transformation. The main argument developed in this study is that three militaries, as a rule, did not side with the revolution per se but acted according to their own institutional interests.”