A Stronger North? Developing Nordic cooperation on foreign and security policy


FIIA has launched a one-year research project entitled: A Stronger North? – Developing Nordic cooperation on foreign and security policy. The project is part of the implementation ofthe Finnish Government Plan for Analysis, Assessment and Research activities for 2017. The project examines possibilities for deepening Nordic cooperation in the field of foreign and security policy and it will draw conclusions and make policy recommendations for the Finnish government. The project’s findings will be published in FIIA Report format and the summary of key findings will be delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office in March 2018.

The focus of the project is to assess existing practices, map out gaps and propose recommendations for deepening Nordic cooperation on foreign and security policy. The current state of cooperation will be viewed from a broad perspective, including official inter-governmental and inter-parliamentary forums, the Nordic Council and Council of Ministers as well as cooperative structures in security and defence such as NORDEFCO. Also established forms of Nordic cooperation as a part of wider multilateral contexts such as the EU, NATO and the UN will be discussed. In a multilateral context the emphasis is on how to work more efficiently as a region in a larger institutional framework.

The research will be conducted by a group of Nordic researchers with an experienced background on foreign policy and security analysis. The research project will be managed and coordinated by the FIIA. The project is led by Director Teija Tiilikainen and supervised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland; the project is coordinated by Research Fellow Eeva Innola and also FIIA research fellow Tuomas Iso-Markku is involved in the project. The overall project period is 1 March 2017 – 31 March 2018.

For more information, please contact Eeva Innola, eeva.innola@fiia.fi

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