Geopolitics of cyberspace: the new world order of cyber threats

Webinar · 07.03.2022 13:00 - 14:15

Cyberspace is an increasingly important arena for systemic competition and for the clash of competing interests, values and visions of our global future. Russia’s recent aggression and violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity has been an acute reminder of the central role of cyber in today’s geopolitical balance and societies’ ability to function.

The new UK Cyber Strategy emphasises the fact that cyber requires global cooperation and shared approaches to common challenges. Finland’s cyber strategy also outlines international cooperation as a key strategic guideline. There is broad recognition on the need to work collectively as responsible cyber powers, but what should this cooperation entail in practice? The UK, US and EU are all key players in cyber diplomacy, but how do their approaches differ in this space and how does this power balance between key actors appear in the global landscape of today’s cyber threats?



Daniel Pilkington

Regional Cyber Expert for the Nordics, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Daniel Pilkington is the Regional Cyber Lead for the Nordics at the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, based in the British Embassy Copenhagen. Dan brings in over a decade of experience in UK cyber policy, strategy and international engagement, including on the development of UK approaches to cyber security.

Jarmo Sareva

Cyber Ambassador, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Jarmo Sareva is the Ambassador for Cyber Affairs at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Prior to that, he served as the first Ambassador for Innovation at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Jarmo brings to the position a wealth of experience from both multilateral and bilateral diplomacy. He has held various positions at the UN and has served as Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN in New York, as well as held postings in Moscow, Washington, D.C., and Vienna.

Dr Jamie Collier

Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor, Mandiant UK

Dr Jamie Collier is a Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor at Mandiant and an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). He was previously the Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead at Digital Shadows and has completed a PhD in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford. Jamie was previously based at MIT as a Cyber Security Fulbright Scholar and has experience working with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Oxford Analytica and PwC India.

Dr Mirva Salminen

Researcher, Lapland University

Mirva Salminen is a researcher at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Law. She specialises in cybersecurity, commercialisation of security and digital governance and competition in the Arctic.


Dr Katja Creutz

Programme Director at the Global Security research programme, FIIA

Dr Katja Creutz is Acting Programme Director at the Global Security-research programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. She is also Affiliated Research Fellow with the Erik Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland. Her main field of expertise is international law and especially issues of responsibility, human rights and global governance.