Russia, Northern Europe and good neighbourliness

kutsutilaisuus · Workshop · 13.10.2021 12:00 - 16:30
  • kutsutilaisuus


The workshop focuses on analysing Russia’s relations with Nordic countries based on its concept of good-neighbourliness. The workshop analyses how Russia defines good-neighbourly relations in the geopolitical context of Northern Europe. The workshop will cover this topic from conceptual, practical, and future-oriented perspectives. What kind of behaviour Russia requires from Nordic countries to qualify as good neighbours, and how Russia assesses its own efforts to maintain good-neighbourly relations with the Nordic countries? What kind of interdependencies exist between Russia and Northern Europe and what kind of concrete benefits and costs will result to Nordic states from maintaining good-neighbourly relations with Russia? The workshop will also look to the future and analyses what kind of events or could result in paradigmatic changes in Russia’s relations to countries of Northern Europe.

This workshop is organized in under the auspices of the joint project by FIIA, Aleksanteri-Institute and National Defence University, “Northern Europe in Russia’s Foreign and Security Policy”.