Russia’s threat perceptions in Northern Europe

kutsutilaisuus · Workshop · 29.04.2021 14:00 - 16:00
  • kutsutilaisuus


Since 2014 the Baltic Sea region has been one of the tensest contact zones between Russia and NATO, while the geopolitical, strategic, and economic importance of the Arctic is again rising. How will the current dynamics affect Russia’s threat perceptions and what security challenges will Russia face in the future? This online workshop will focus on analysing Russia’s present and future threat perceptions, especially in Northern Europe.

The workshop will enhance understanding of the regional security landscape of Northern Europe; its primary objective is to exchange views and analytical perspectives and to look for new angles for future discussion.

This workshop is organized in under the auspices of the joint project by FIIA, Aleksanteri-Institute and National Defence University, “Northern Europe in Russia’s Foreign and Security Policy”.