The Finnish Institute of International Affairs will launch its new flagship event FIIA Forum on the 30 of September 2020. The topic of FIIA’s main event of the year is geoeconomics: FIIA and the guest speakers will look at how the emerging tech and trade wars are taking us towards a Geoeconomic World Order.

“The key to security and wealth in our time is no longer the geopolitical control of physical territory, but the ability to control the economic links that connect the world,” says Dr. Mikael Wigell, the Director of the Global Security Programme at FIIA (pictured).

“In this age of hyperconnectivity, geoeconomics has become the new power politics. Western strategic lenses have yet to adjust to this new situation, in which interdependencies are weaponized for the pursuit of power politics.”

The event’s speakers include Dr. Thomas Wright from the Brookings Institution, Director Victor do Prado from the World Trade Organization, Visiting Research Professor Carla Norrlof as well as Programme Director Mikael Wigell from FIIA.

Researchers at FIIA analyze the new Geoeconomic World Order and its implications in many research programmes and projects. You can access all of them here.

FIIA researchers have published extensively on the topic of Geoeconomics:

Mikael Wigell, Sören Scholvin, Mika Aaltola (eds.) (2018): Geo-economics and Power Politics in the 21st Century. The Revival of Economic Statecraft. Routledge.

Mikael Wigell & Sören Scholvin (2018): Geo-Economics as Concept and Practice in International Relations: Surveying the State of the Art. FIIA Working Paper 102. 

Mikael Wigell and Antto Vihma (2016): “Geopolitics versus geoeconomics: the case of Russia’s geostrategy and its effects on the EU”. In International Affairs Volume 92, Number 3.

Mikael Wigell (2015): “Conceptualizing regional powers’ geoeconomic strategies: neo-imperialism, neo-mercantilism, hegemony, and liberal institutionalism”. In Asia Europe Journal 14.



On the 30 of September 2020 from 16:00 to 18:00

Attendance is by invitation only. You can join the FIIA event mailing list here.

This event will be livestreamed. You can follow the conversation regarding the FIIA Forum on social media: #FIIAForum and on FIIA’s Twitter.