Juha Jokela will continue in his current position as programme director in FIIA’s European Union research programme as he has been appointed to the next five-year term from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2024.

Jokela’s current research interests include political implications of Brexit, differentiated integration in EU’s foreign and security policy. His previous projects and publications include inter alia Europeanization of foreign policy and Finland’s EU policy. Previously he has worked in the EUISS as a Senior Associated Analyst and Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Advisor in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Research Fellow and Director of the Network for European Studies in the University of Helsinki. Dr. Jokela holds a PhD from the University of Bristol (UK).

The principal responsibility of the programme director is to lead the research programme and to take part in the planning of the Institute’s research activities. In addition, programme directors have their individual research agendas.

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Teija Tiilikainen


Tel. +358 9432 7701