Dr Juha Jokela is the Programme Director of the European Union research programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Dr Jokela’s previous academic and policy studies projects and publications include the EU’s sanctions policy, political implications of Brexit for the EU, political and security developments in the Arctic, Europeanisation of foreign policy, EU’s Asia relations, and Finland’s EU policy. His current research interests include differentiated integration in EU’s foreign policy, and the role of G7 and G20 in multilateral cooperation.

Dr Jokela has previously worked at the EU Institute for Security Studies as a Senior Associated Analyst and Senior Visiting Research Fellow, as an Advisor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and as a Research Fellow and the Director of the Network for European Studies at the University of Helsinki. Jokela is a member of the board of Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA), member of the Steering Committee of EuroMesCo, the main network of research centres and think-tanks in the Euro-Mediterranean area, and member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP).

Jokela holds a PhD from the University of Bristol (UK), which focused on Europeanisation and foreign policy in Finland and the UK, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Birmingham (UK).


EU's foreign and security policy, the UK withdrawal from the EU (Brexit), EU in global and regional governance, Finland's EU policy


PhD, University of Bristol (UK), Department of Politics, 2006

Language skills

Finnish and English (working languages), Swedish (receptive skills)


Finland and the Tightening Competition in Global Politics
The EU as a Security Community: citizens’ views and values
Development of EU’s Sanctions Policy: Political and economic implications for Finland
EU IDEA – Integration and Differentiation for Effectiveness and Accountability
Multilateral cooperation in an era of strategic competition: Options for influence for Finland and the European Union

Latest FIIA Publications


EU's foreign and security policy, the UK withdrawal from the EU (Brexit), EU in global and regional governance, Finland's EU policy

Positions of responsibility

Member of the Church EU Committee, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Member of the Board, Trans European Policy Studies Association, 2014-
Vice-Chair of the Board of Finnish European Studies Association, 2011-
Member of the Advisory Board on Human Rights 2008-11 and vice-member 2011-14, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Work experience

Senior Associate Analyst, European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris, 10/2014 – 03/2015
Senior Visiting Research Fellow, European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris, 03/2009 – 03/2010
Advisor, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2009
Director, University of Helsinki Network for European Studies, 2008
Research Fellow, University of Helsinki Network for European Studies, 2007-2009


PhD, University of Bristol (UK), Department of Politics, 2006


PhD, University of Bristol (UK), Department of Politics, 2006
BSocSc, University of Birmingham (UK), Department of Politics and International Studies, 2000

Language skills

Finnish and English (working languages), Swedish (receptive skills)

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EU:n suunta: Kuinka tiivis liitto?.

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