The Finnish Institute of International Affairs is a partner in the RADAR – Raising Awareness on Disinformation: Achieving Resilience project. It is led by TEPSA – Trans European Policy Studies Association. In addition to FIIA, six European research institutes also take part in the project.

RADAR aims to raise citizens’ awareness on disinformation and to create an accessible public platform for debate on the issue. It provides expert insights into protection from disinformation and instigates interactions between citizens and experts. RADAR has a special focus on youth. It aims to contribute to the empowerment of their voices, their engagement in European civil society and improved critical thinking and media literacy. The project addresses a variety of topics, such as COVID-19 and disinformation, and disinformation on social media platforms.

FIIA’s segment focuses on disinformation and information operations by foreign actors on different media platforms.

FIIA will organize a public discussion event on 26 October at Helsinki Central Library, and a Youth Lab workshop for selected participants on disinformation and information operations on different types of media and social media platforms on 26-27 October. The public debate is open to the general public and will focus on raising awareness about disinformation through the contributions of experts and practitioners. The youth lab concentrates on working with a smaller group of young people.

More information about the project on the RADAR website