Finland and Climate Security in an Interdependent World

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA), the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Security Analysis Oy and Tyrsky Consulting are jointly conducting a research project titled “Finland and Climate Security in an Interdependent World”. The project is part of the Finnish Government’s 2020 analysis, assessment and research activities (VN-TEAS) and will conclude in August 2021.

Climate change threatens the stability and security of society in many ways, and its effects will only intensify in the coming decades. Both the changing climate, and strong mitigation efforts create new uncertainties and risks. For a small, Northern European, open economy like Finland, which relies heavily on foreign trade, developments in international politics and mitigation may have a more significant impact than the more direct and local effects of climate change.

Although Finland is relatively well-positioned to adapt to climate change, it might not be as prepared for societal challenges brought on by the more complex international dynamics. Climate change also poses a new type of security challenge that cannot be met only by traditional military means. As such, we need policy recommendations based on crosscutting administrative cooperation.

The main goal of the project is to examine the wide-ranging effects of climate change for Finland’s security and the ways in which it is possible to prepare for them. In addition, the project will map out ways the security threats posed by climate change are being framed, and seek to formulate an approach in line with Finland’s Comprehensive Security model.

The research team includes Leading Researcher Antto Vihma (FIIA), Visiting Senior Researcher Emma Hakala (FIIA), Senior Research Fellow Harri Mikkola (FIIA), Researcher Sanna Erkamo (FIIA/FMI), Heikki Tuomenvirta (FMI), Juha Pyykönen (Security Analyse Oy), Oras Tynkkynen (Tyrsky-Konsultoinit), Kati Berninger (Tysky-Konsultointi) and Maria Tiusanen (Tyrsky-Konsultointi).

The research is conducted as a part of FIIA’s Politics of Climate Change -project.

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