Global Politics of the Energy Transition

The project “Global Politics of the Energy Transition” investigates the fundamental transformations that are taking place in energy systems, with a focus on their significance in terms of security, climate change, economy and great power relations.

Spurred by the effects of climate change, the war in Ukraine and growing geopolitical competition, policies supporting the energy transition have gained both importance and speed. “Green Deals” and climate neutrality targets have been put forward in numerous countries, including all advanced economies, even if timeframes and strategies vary substantially. The transformation of energy systems requires large volumes of critical minerals and the extensive deployment of green technologies. Major powers are already competing to secure supplies of critical minerals, develop and implement low carbon technologies (i.e. gigabatteries, electrolysers, smart grids) and expand production of renewables and hydrogen.

The project focuses on three main and closely interlinked issues:

  1. Security of supply and the energy transition, exploring cases of resource concentration and new supply chains in a global low carbon economy;
  2. The strategy of major powers for the energy transition, including plans to secure critical minerals, boost the hydrogen economy and enhance production of low carbon technologies;
  3. The politics of Green Deals, reflecting on different ways of approaching the energy transition, the importance of multilateral cooperation and implications for relations between the Global North and the Global South.

The project will feature FIIA policy analyses, a series of ‘spotlight’ webinars on the energy transition, in-person seminars and external publications.

The research team includes Marco Siddi (team leader), Emma Hakala, Kristiina Silvan, Elina Sinkkonen, Markus Holmgren and Suvi Nousiainen.

The project will run from 1.6.2023 until 31.5.2024.

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