Climate Security in a National and Geopolitical Context

Endast inbjudna · Auditorium of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs · 12.12.2016 14:00 - 16:00

Endast inbjudna

Climate change will have various effects on global and national security settings, both directly caused by natural disasters and indirectly through societal upheavals. Climate threats and the efforts to prevent them will also have geopolitical implications. The security linkage has already been recognized at the international level and is frequently taken into account in risk assessments and strategies. In Finland, however, climate security policies are lagging behind in both discussion and policies. How should the issue be addressed in the national context? What does the EU do in terms of climate security? What kinds of overall security implications should be prepared for?

Speaker: Nick Mabey, Chief Executive, E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism)

Comment: Emma Hakala, Visiting Research Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Chair: Antto Vihma, Senior Research Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

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Antto Vihma
Emma Hakala
Nick Mabey