The European Union as a Security Community: Trends and Prospect

Endast inbjudna · Seminar Hall, Arkadiankatu 23, entrance H (inner courtyard), Helsinki · 12.06.2018 09:30 - 11:30

Endast inbjudna

Amid war-torn neighborhood, more antagonistic global milieu and internal security challenges, the EU is aiming to better protect its member states and citizens. In this regard, it has prioritised defence cooperation in the implementation of its global foreign policy and security strategy. The EU has also aimed to secure its external borders and deepen internal security collaboration among member states. Yet national variation over security challenges and priorities prevails, and might continue to hinder the EU’s aspiration to emerge as a more powerful security actor. What are the key developments in the EU’s security agenda? How do Germany and France view the EU’s role in providing security? What lies behind Finland’s emphasis on the EU as a security community?


Juha Jokela

Programme Director, Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Niklas Helwig

TAPIR Fellow, RAND Corporation

Pernille Rieker

Research Professor, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


Pilvi-Sisko Vierros-Villeneuve

Pilvi-Sisko Vierros-Villeneuve

Senior Adviser, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Tuomas Koskenniemi

Tuomas Koskenniemi

Senior Specialist, Ministry of Defence of Finland


Tuomas Iso-Markku

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