FIIA’s Leading Researcher Marco Siddi has received €364,000 of funding from the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland for the research project “Global Politics of the Energy transition”. The FIIA project is part of a larger research project “Infrastructure/institutions match for resilient & just green electrification” (2IMATCH), led by the University of Tampere. Other participants of the project are VTT Technical Research Ltd, the Law School of the University of Eastern Finland, and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The consortium has strong expertise in energy engineering and environmental science, international security and energy transitions, as well as experience in stakeholder research and interaction.

The project examines how green electrification can deliver a more resilient energy system and society in an uncertain world disrupted by several human-made disasters and seemingly persistent global confrontation. Green electrification is conceptualised as the ongoing transition to a climate neutral and effective system where electricity, based largely on renewable sources, becomes the main energy carrier in all consumption sectors and where electricity-based fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia and methanol become commonplace.

The research funded by the Academy will expand on the FIIA project “Global Politics of the Energy transition”, led by Marco Siddi. The FIIA project explores fundamental transformations that are taking place in energy systems, with a focus on their significance in terms of security, climate change, economy and great power relations. It features FIIA policy briefs, a series of ‘spotlight’ webinars on the energy transition, in-person seminars and external publications.

The research team includes Leading Researcher Marco Siddi (team leader), Leading Researcher Emma Hakala, Postdoctoral Fellow Kristiina Silvan, Senior Research Fellow Elina Sinkkonen, Research Fellow Markus Holmgren and Publications Manager Suvi Nousiainen.

Read more on the project page: Global Politics of the Energy transition

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