The 74th NATO Summit is held in Vilnius Lithuania on 11-12 July. The Summit is the first one for Finland as a NATO ally. Directly after the Summit, the President of the United States Joe Biden will visit Helsinki on 13 July. President Sauli Niinistö will host a US-Nordic Leaders Summit, and Biden and Niinistö are to hold one-on-one talks as well.

FIIA’s researchers who are listed below will available for media inquiries during the NATO Summit and Biden’s visit to Finland:

Iro Särkkä: NATO, Finnish and French foreign and security policy, Nordic security and defence cooperation

Minna Ålander: Northern European security, German and Finnish foreign and security policy, NATO

Eoin McNamara: transatlantic relations, US grand strategy, NATO, security in northern and eastern Europe

Charly Salonius-Pasternak: transatlantic relations, NATO, United States foreign and domestic policy, Finnish security and defence policy

Henri Vanhanen: Finnish foreign, security and defence policy, European security, transatlantic relations

Ville Sinkkonen (12-14 July): US foreign policy, transatlantic relations, great-power politics

Antti Pihlajamaa: security and defence policy of United Kingdom, Northern European security, military strategy

Manuel Müller: European union, EU institutions, German politics