FIIA’s new Center on Climate Politics and Security CLIPS focuses on international climate politics and the security implications of climate change. The research center begins its work in September 2023, and it is led by Research Professor Antto Vihma. With the establishment of CLIPS, research on climate politics is given an institutional home at FIIA.

Climate change is the most pressing collective action problem facing the international community. The Center focuses on the major players, especially the US, China and the EU. It also addresses Finland’s climate policy, and the challenges and opportunities of climate action for small states. 

In addition to international climate policy, CLIPS studies the relationship between climate change and security policy. Climate change is already threatening the security of societies, and the impacts will only be exacerbated in the future.

Climate change is an integral part of international affairs, and even security policy discussions. It is set to become even more important in the future, Vihma outlines.

The center examines the impacts of climate change on security of supply and possible ways to take them into account in foresight and preparedness.

The direct and indirect impacts of climate change are already visible. Forest fires are taking place in new areas and with increased intensity.  Record breaking heatwaves are affecting livelihoods and human security even inside the EU. Climate change is a fundamental question for peace and security, as noted by President Niinistö, Vihma explains.

The first FIIA Climate Day is organized on Wednesday, 6 September to mark the launch of CLIPS. It consists of two parts. The first part, held in Finnish, will focus on Finland’s climate policy at 9–11 am. The second part “Great Powers and Climate Change”, held in English, takes place at 1–2:30 pm.

For further information:

Antto Vihma
Research Professor
Tel. 09 432 7785