The Center on Climate Politics and Security

The Center on Climate Politics and Security (CLIPS) investigates the politicization of climate change in the international realm, as well as the security implications of climate change.

Climate change is the most pressing collective action problem facing the international community. Globally, the attention and political anxieties have gathered around ever-frequent extreme weather events – as well as the hopes and fears pinned on the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The goal is to keep the change in the global average temperature “well below 2 degrees Celsius”, as agreed in Paris in 2015.

CLIPS studies the current politicization of climate change with a focus on the major players, especially the EU, the US and China. Can climate policy succeed in turbulent times, increasingly characterized by geopolitics and strategic competition between great powers? The Center also addresses Finnish climate politics, and the challenges and opportunities of climate action for small states.

Secondly, the Center studies the relationship between climate change and security policy. Climate change is already threatening the security and stability of societies in various ways, and the impacts will only be exacerbated in the future. Among other things, the Center examines the impacts of climate change on security of supply and considers potential ways to take security impacts into account in foresight and preparedness.

CLIPS produces original academic research, timely policy briefs, and a monthly webinar series FIIA Climate Talks. Current projects are funded by The Academy of Finland and The National Emergency Supply Agency.

The Center works in conjunction with the Global Security and Governance research programme. The Center is led by Research Professor Antto Vihma. Other researchers at the center are Emma Hakala, Karoliina Hurri and Helmi Räisänen, and non-resident fellow Dhanasree Jayaram.

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