Finnish Foreign Policy, Northern European Security and NATO

The Finnish Foreign Policy, Northern European Security and NATO research programme conducts research on Finland’s foreign, security and defence policy, the security environment in Northern Europe, as well as analyses the activities of NATO. 

The programme monitors various aspects of Finland’s foreign, security and defence policy, such as Finland’s relations with major powers, its international military cooperation and the country’s activities in international organisations. 

The thematic content of research also includes Finland’s security of supply, national resilience policy and issues related to comprehensive security.

The regional focus of the programme is on Finland’s immediate security environment, with such focuses as geostrategic dynamics in the Arctic region, security in the Baltic Sea region and Nordic security cooperation. The programme also analyses  Russia’s foreign, security and defence policy in the Northern European context.

Bearing the main responsibility for NATO research at FIIA with a special focus on Finland’s NATO policy and the Alliance’s activities in Northern Europe, the programme will also support ongoing cross-cutting research priorities at FIIA, including geoeconomics and great power politics.

The programme includes the Nordic Network and the research project Finland’s evolving role in Euro-Atlantic Security.

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Latest publications

Haugevik, Kristin; Creutz, Katja; Pesu, Matti & Svendsen, Øyvind (2023). From partners to allies: Finland and Norway in a new era. NUPI Policy Brief. Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.