FIIA celebrates its 60th anniversary at its flagship event, the FIIA Forum 2021. Mark N. Katz new chairperson of SAC. Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs celebrates its 60th anniversary with a special anniversary issue.

Mark N. Katz New Chairperson of SAC

In its annual meeting of 2021, held on 31 August, FIIA’s Scientific Advisory Council elected Mark N. Katz as its new Chairperson for the term 2021-2023.

“I am deeply honored to have been elected Chair of the FIIA Scientific Advisory Council. FIIA produces high quality research that is well respected internationally”, Mark N. Katz says.

Mark N. Katz is Professor of Government and Politics at the Schar School of Policy and Government of the George Mason University in Virginia, and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. Professor Katz succeeds Volker Perthes, long-term SAC Chairperson, who was appointed the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Sudan earlier this year. FIIA wishes to thank Dr Perthes for all his work and insight into FIIA’s work.


FIIA FORUM 2021 celebrates 60 years of FIIA 

FIIA Forum kuva

The FIIA Forum 2021 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. This year, FIIA’s flagship event, the FIIA Forum, is dedicated to Finnish foreign and security policy, and Nordic cooperation (in foreign and security policy). The event will be held on Wednesday 29th of September, 2021 at 13.30 18.00 (EEST). FIIA Forum 2021 will be opened with a keynote by the President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö.

The programme of the event can be consulted at the FIIA website.  The entire event will be livestreamed and you can follow the conversation regarding the FIIA Forum on social media #FIIAForum and on FIIA’s Twitter.

After Merkel: Germany’s international role in a world of uncertainty

With Angela Merkel leaving office, Germany is heading towards crucial elections. Merkel’s successor will inherit a difficult foreign and security policy legacy. Under Merkel, Germany has grown in international stature. At the same time, many crucial issues remain unresolved.

FIIA organised two events in connection with this topic. The first one was held at the Europe Forum in Turku on 27 August, and the speakers included Rachel Tausendfreund from the German Marshall Fund, Anna-Liina Kauhanen from Helsingin Sanomat and Niklas Helwig and Juha Jokela from FIIA. The recording of the event (in English) is available on the Europe Forum YouTube channel.
FIIA also hosted Jana Puglierin and Ulrike Franke from the ECFR (European Council on Foreign Relations) for a discussion on the German elections and their repercussions for the country’s international role. The webinar organized on September 6, 2021 is available on FIIA’s YouTube channel.

FIIA researchers Niklas Helwig and Tuomas Iso-Markku wrote an article on the legacy of Angela Merkel in the latest issue of Ulkopolitiikka (in Finnish).

8th Helsinki Summer Session: US and the Evolving International Order

The 8th Helsinki Summer Session explored the future of international order at a time when the United States is debating and reassessing the parameters of its global engagement. This year’s panels brought together experts from the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific to cover a wide range of themes, including transatlantic trade and security relations, the developing order in the Indo-Pacific, climate politics, as well as the role of the US in Nordic security. The event was held on 1-2 September 2021, and is now available on  FIIA’s YouTube channel.  


Staff News

Dr. Mikael Wigell will work as Research Director of his projects during 15.9.2021-31.8.2022. 

Mikael’s substitute as SEC programme director will be Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) Katja Creutz for the period of 15.9.2021-31.8.2022.

Dr. Antto Vihma has been granted the title of Research Professor for a fixed term of one year. Currently Vihma works as a principal investigator in TRANSCLIM project funded by the Academy of Finland. The project is co-led by Vihma and Harro van Asselt, Professor of Climate Law and Policy at the University of Eastern Finland. TRANSCLIM is a joint project by UEF Law School and the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

Dr. Romain Weikmans has started to work as Senior Research Fellow in FIIA in September. He focuses on the TRANSCLIM project for the next three years. Weikmans has specialized in international climate policy and climate finance.

Senior Research Fellow Marco Siddi has been awarded the title of Docent in International Affairs, especially European studies by University of Tampere. The title was awarded within the field of research of the Faculty of Management and Business.


Recent publications

All FIIA publications are available on the FIIA website. Here you can find some of the latest publication.

Turkey’s relations with the US and the EU at the beginning of the Biden presidency: Prospects for change? by Toni Alaranta

Afghanistan and the rise of the Islamic Emirate: A tragic inevitability by Olli Ruohomäki


The latest issues of the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs (in Finnish)

Ulkopolitiikka 3/2021

In the new issue of the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs we celebrate its 60th anniversary and examine the future of the international human rights system. Finland is soon set to serve a term at the UN Human Rights Council, the highest international forum on human rights. However, the council’s work and reputation are marred by China’s efforts to influence the international human rights system to serve its own interests. We also look back at 60 years of publication, how the journal has maintained its forward-looking stance and served as a mirror to contemporary foreign policy debates. Other topics covered in this issue include Angela Merkel’s legacy as a European leader, culture wars surrounding Islam in France and Hungary’s yearning for an imperial past.

You can access the journal at (in Finnish).

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