Helsinki Security Forum invites international decision-makers and security policy experts to Finland in September. The speakers of HSF 2023 represent the wide variety of issues related to the altered security environment in Europe.  

The second annual Helsinki Security Forum will gather high-level experts from the field of international security and defence policy in Finland on 29 September–1 October 2023.

Speakers of the Helsinki Security Forum consist of high-level professionals, such as General Christopher G. Cavoli, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO’s Nuclear Policy Director Jessica Cox, EU Sanctions Envoy David O’Sullivan, the sixth president of the German Marshall Fund Heather Conley, the head of the Government of the Republic of Estonia Kaja Kallas, the Fouad and Michelle Ajami Senior Fellow and a Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster and Principal Deputy Administrator of the US National Nuclear Security Administration, Frank A. Rose.

The speakers also include distinguished foreign and security policy experts such as Keir Giles, Ulrike Franke, Jessica Berlin, Sarah Bauerle Danzman and Andrew Michta.

“FIIA and the HSF team are very excited to welcome these high-level experts to Finland. We promise to provide a framework where an open and thought-provoking discussion can take place”, says Kukka-Maria Kovsky, Director of Helsinki Security Forum.

HSF 2023 offers a wide selection of sessions touching upon the topic of European security and defence. Themes include technological development, the relationship of economics to security, reverberations of the war in Ukraine outside of Europe, as well as the various aspects of nuclear deterrence. Most of the discussions will be livestreamed.

A high-level Finnish security forum is needed for strengthening the Northern influence in international security and defence policy, says Mika Aaltola, Director of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

“The first HSF last year proved its relevance among international security conferences. We are very happy to host international professionals here in Finland, as well as highlight the expertise of FIIA. The importance of Northern countries’ competence and defence capabilities in securing Europe – and the world – cannot be overlooked”, Aaltola says.

Helsinki Security Forum 2023 is themed Deter, Defend and Secure – Europe in the Era of Radical Uncertainty. This year’s event is organised by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) and supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Ministry of Defence of Finland, the City of Helsinki and Patria.

Updates to the programme of this year’s event will be published on HSF’s Twitter and website. Sign up to follow the livestream of HSF 2023 here.

For more information, please contact:

Kukka-Maria Kovsky
Conference Director, Helsinki Security Forum
Head of Strategic Partnerships, FIIA
+358 9 432 7718