• Solidarity entered the Covid-19 political rhetoric immediately after the belated pandemic declaration in March 2020. Since then, it has been used to characterize responsibility, cooperation, and compassion based on the One World, One Health principle.
  • Whereas the UN leadership had advocated global solidarity, for the EU solidarity has meant action in respect of burden-sharing. Solidarity has manifested itself as practical cooperation and assistance. Externally, different forms of solidarity have been closely linked to debates over the distribution of vaccines.
  • In the Finnish context, solidarity bears two different meanings for domestic and external use; whereas the former focuses on resilience-building, the latter is a tool for common action in the form of welfare and safety.
  • Solidarity for better global pandemic governance requires the lower levels of solidarity to act as enablers. Solidarity has global appeal and can be mobilized in strategic communication.
Mika Aaltola
Johanna Ketola
Karoliina Vaakanainen
Aada Peltonen