UPIn uusimmissa julkaisuissa tarkastellaan Suomen osallistumista kansainväliseen interventioon Afganistanissa vuosina 2001–2021 sekä Suomen muotoutumassa olevaa Nato-politiikkaa. UPI käynnistää vuoden 2023 alussa uuden globaaliin järjestykseen ja Kiinaan keskittyvän tutkimuskeskuksen. Kirjauutuuksia UPIn tutkijoilta ja vuoden viimeinen UP-lehti.

New FIIA report examines Finland’s activities in Afghanistan 2001–2021

The new independent study by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs Suomi Afganistanissa 2001– 2021: Vakauttamisesta ulko- ja turvallisuuspoliittisten suhteiden vaalimiseen examines Finland’s activities in Afghanistan by focusing on why Finland decided to engage in Afghanistan, on what its activities were based, and what can be learned from them for future crises and conflicts. The research report broadly examines the consequences of Finland’s objectives, the logic behind its activities and the key challenges from the perspectives of military crisis management, civilian crisis management, and development cooperation and humanitarian assistance. The publication has been written by Leading Researcher Katariina Mustasilta, Research Fellow Tyyne Karjalainen, Senior Research Fellow Timo R. Stewart and Research Assistant Mathilda Salo. The report was commissioned by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Finland.

First insights into Finland’s NATO policy

The new FIIA Finnish Foreign Policy Paper Finland as a NATO ally: First insights into Finnish alliance policy delves into Finland’s emergent NATO policy by identifying and analysing its underlying factors and rationales. The paper describes the evolution of and recent trends in several areas of NATO activity and discusses what those mean for Finland. The publication has been written by Leading Researcher Matti Pesu and Senior Research Fellow Tuomas Iso-Markku of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

FIIA’s new research center focuses on global orders and China

FIIA launches a new research center focused on global orders and China in the beginning of 2023.

The Center on Global Orders and China (CORD)  is built around a core of expertise on issues of international relations and international political economy pertaining to China’s strengthened role in international affairs.

CORD conducts in-depth academic research on how China’s expanding international role impacts issues of global order in multiple policy areas, notably in global economic governance and global security. It also studies the domestic drivers of China’s foreign policy.

CORD produces policy-relevant information on China, based on rigorous and critical research.

CORD is led by Research Professor Mikael Mattlin. The CORD team consists of Leading Researcher Bart Gaens, Senior Research Fellow Elina Sinkkonen, Senior Research Fellow Jyrki Kallio, and expert Anu Ruokamo.


Upcoming events


FIIA will organise its annual frontline event, FIIA Forum, on Wednesday 8 March 2023. FIIA Forum is the Institute’s main yearly event highlighting the core topics of FIIA research. The topic of FIIA Forum 2023 is Global Order(s) and China. The event also marks the launch of FIIA’s new research center focusing on global orders and China (CORD). Speakers will include Professor Alastair Iain Johnston (Harvard University) and Professor Yan Xuetong (Tsinghua University), among other experts. The event will be livestreamed. You can sign up for the live stream here.

Staff News  

MSocSc Henri Vanhanen has joined FIIA in December as a Research Fellow. He will be working at the Finnish Foreign Policy, Nothern European Security and NATO research programme. 

Major General Pekka Toveri has started as a FIIA Non-resident Fellow in October, reinforcing FIIA´s expertise at the Finnish Foreign Policy, Nothern European Security and NATO research programme. 

Recent publications

All FIIA publications are available on the FIIA website. Here you can find some of the latest publications.

Shifting alliance dynamics in the Indo-Pacific: Is the Taiwan question going regional? by Bart Gaens and Mikael Mattlin.

Europe’s lack of leadership: Is it the smaller states’ time to shine? by Minna Ålander

Nordic resilience: Strengthening cooperation on security of supply and crisis preparedness by Mikael Wigell, Mariette Hägglund, Christian Fjäder, Emma Hakala, Johanna Ketola and Harri Mikkola.  

Leadership successions in Central Asia: Elite pacts, dynasties and revolutions by Kristiina Silvan

New books by FIIA Researchers  

Mika Aaltola: Mihin menet Suomi? Pelon aika Euroopassa
FIIA Director Mika Aaltola’s book Mihin menet Suomi? Pelon aika Euroopassa offers a timely analysis of the Russian attack on Ukraine, as well as the current security situation of Europe, with a special focus on Finland and the North. The book is published by Kustannusosakeyhtiö Tammi.

Jyrki Kallio: Avain Kungfutselaisuuteen. Valittuja kirjoituksia kolmelta vuosituhannelta.  
Senior Research Fellow Jyrki Kallio has edited and translated into Finnish his book Avain kungfutselaisuuteen. Valittuja kirjoituksia kolmelta vuosituhannelta (Gaudeamus). The Key to Confucianism brings together interesting fragments from both the classics of the Confucian canon as well as non-canon texts to best describe the development of the Confucianist school of thought.

Timo R. Stewart: Luvatun maan lumo
Timo R. Stewart’s work Luvatun maan lumo sheds light on Finland’s long and sometimes complicated friendship with Israel. The book helps to understand the complex relationships between religion and politics, as well as the seemingly never-ending state of conflict in the Middle East. The book is published by Gaudeamus. Luvatun maan lumo was shortlisted for the 2022 Finlandia non-fiction award (Tietokirjallisuuden Finlandia).

The latest issue of the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs (in Finnish)
Ulkopolitiikka 4/2022

This year’s last issue of the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs (4/2022) examines the changing international system and growing influence of the global south  ̶  a blind spot for many Western analysts. As Europe and the United States struggle to protect the existing rules-based global order from challenges posed by China and Russia, states in the global south are wary of picking sides. Instead, a global order based on flexible networks, clubs and partnerships is taking shape. Other topics covered in this issue include Finland’s evolving nuclear weapon’s policy, the EU’s hydrogen policy and Germany’s waning leadership status within the EU.

You can access the journal at www.ulkopolitiikka.fi (in Finnish).

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