FIIA osallistui Kultaranta-keskustelujen, TEPSA 2019 Finnish Pre-Presidency -konferenssin sekä MSC Arctic Security Roundtable -tilaisuuden järjestämisessä. FIIA julkaisi myös yhdessä muiden pohjoismaisten ulkopoliittisten instituuttien kanssa raportin, joka käsittelee vuonna 2009 julkaistua Stoltenbergin raporttia. 

Kultaranta Talks

The future of Europe and European security were the main topics of this year’s Kultaranta talks hosted by President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö on 16 and 17 June 2019. Director Teija Tiilikainen gave a presentation at the working group on great power relations and Programme Director Mika Aaltola took part in a discussion on European security as a panelist.

The event was organised by the Office of the President of Finland in cooperation with FIIA.

Finnish Pre-Presidency Conference

In cooperation with Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA), FIIA organised the TEPSA 2019 Finnish Pre-Presidency Conference in Helsinki 6-7 June. The aim of the TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference was to provide sound assessment, analysis and advice on topical issues facing the EU in general and the Council Presidency in particular. The TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference is held twice a year in the capital of the country assuming the rotating EU Council Presidency.

The conference was supported by the Representation of the European Commission in Finland, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, and the SEnECA and InDivEU projects in the framework of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Report by the Nordic institutes

Research Fellow Tuomas Iso-Markku contributed to a joint report by the Nordic foreign policy institutes (NUPI, IIA, DIIS, FIIA and UI). The report, “10 Years on: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report on Nordic Cooperation“, assesses how Nordic cooperation has developed in the thirteen policy areas identified in the 2009 Stoltenberg Report.

Roundtable on Arctic Security

FIIA organised in cooperation with the Munich Security Conference (MSC) a roundtable on Arctic Security in Helsinki on May 7. President Niinistö gave the opening speech at the event. Topics such as cooperation in the Arctic, alternative models of governance and intelligence activities in the region were addressed by a select group of around 40 key decision-makers and experts. A report on the event is available from the FIIA website.

Staff News

Christopher Kojm has joined FIIA’s Center on US Politics and Power as a Visiting Senior Fellow in early June for a two-month visit. He gave a keynote speech at FIIA’s US Research Day seminar on “Information, Intelligence and Trust” on 13 June.

Kojm serves as the Director of the Elliott School’s Leadership, Ethics and Practice Initiative in Washington DC. He re-joined the School as a Professor of Practice in International Affairs after serving as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council in 2009-2014.

Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs

This year’s second issue of Ulkopolitiikka, the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs, focuses on climate change. The Journal investigated the myriad of ways in which states and companies deal with global warming. Some tackle the problem courageously, whereas others make things even worse by actively lobbying against the implementation of the Paris Agreement. China faces another serious long-term threat: its growth may stall due to water shortage issues.

The journal takes a critical look at the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programmes that may seriously aggravate the next financial crisis, according to some experts. If the bubble bursts now, ECB may lack tools to mitigate it.

Ulkopolitiikka is available both as a printed journal and as an online version at

Recent publications

All FIIA publications are available on the Institute’s website.


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FIIA Briefing Papers

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Arkady Moshes & Ryhor Nizhnikau

FIIA Working Papers

The Concepts of parliamentarism in the EU’s political system: Approaching the choice between two models
Teija Tiilikainen

FIIA Comments

The United States-Iran standoff: Recent tensions are symptomatic of President Trump’s broader foreign-policy approach
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