The Executive Board of the Institute has appointed a Scientific Advisory Council for a three-year period between 2018 and 2020. The tasks of the Scientific Advisory Council include offering advice on FIIA’s research policy guidelines, the assessment of the quality and relevance of its research work, and the support of its international activities.

Members of the SAC:

Professor Eiki Berg
University of Tartu, Estonia

Professor Shaun Breslin 
University of Warwick, UK

Professor Michelle Cini
University of Bristol, the UK

Professor Julie Gilson
University of Birmingham, the UK

Research Professor Kristian Harpviken
Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway

Professor Mark N. Katz 
George Mason University, the US

Senior Fellow Andrei Kolesnikov 
Carnegie Endowment Moscow, Russia

Professor Brigid Laffan
European University Institute, Italy

Professor Christian Lequesne
CERI/ Science Po, France

Director Volker Perthes
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Germany

Judge Allan Rosas
European Court of Justice, Luxembourg

Deputy Director Pawel Swieboda 
The European Commission (European Political Strategy Centre)

Professor Jonas Tallberg 
University of Stockholm, Sweden