The Finnish Institute of International Affairs is directed by a board appointed by the Parliament. The board members are

Kai Sauer (Chair), Under-Secretary of State (foreign and security policy), Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Anu Kantola (Vice Chair), Professor, University of Helsinki

Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, Minister (hon.) and MP (emerita)

Simon Elo, Bachelor of Social Sciences

Risto Heiskala, Professor and Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Research, University of Tampere

Mikael Mattlin, Adjunct Professor and Collegium Researcher Mikael Mattlin, University of Turku

Salla Sammalkivi, Senior Specialist for EU Affairs, EU Affairs Department, Prime Minister’s Office

Lenita Toivakka, Master of Science in Economics, Entrepreneur  

Paula Vanninen , Professor, University of Helsinki

The board decides, among other things, on the Institute’s finances and research programme, which is realized by the Institute’s researchers according to the principles of academic autonomy. The board also appoints the Director of the Institute.

The terms of Heiskala, Kantola, Mattlin, Sammalkivi, Sauer and Vanninen will end on 31 December 2024. The terms of Anttila, Elo and Toivakka will end on 31 December 2021.