Global Security and Governance

research programme


The Global Security and Governance research programme focuses on the evolving nature of international economic and political relations in a situation where great powers, regional power politics and connectivity are strengthening.

Research themes:

  1. Systemic level of world politics with a focus on power, actors and governance

  2. Geopolitics and geoeconomics

  3. Strategic competition for global leadership, especially between the United States and China

  4. Challenges of global governance in a changing global order and regarding climate change

The means of exercising power, the multiplication and diversification of actors, and intensifying power politics are emphasized in the programme. The competition for global leadership by the use of geoeconomics and technology is a key research theme.

The programme focuses on global governance research in a situation where many institutions, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, must respond to a decline in multilateralism. Simultaneously, climate change causes crises and conflicts, and poses a geopolitical challenge.

The need to understand the rivalry between the United States and China, and its reasons and consequences is a framework for research. The programme also covers questions related to Africa, India and South America. These include the impact of population growth on regional stability and the changed role of great power relations.

The programme includes the following components:

The programme also supports the institute-wide cross-cutting theme of geoeconomics.

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