Nordic Research Cooperation

In 2019, three projects were launched alongside the Exchange Programme. The aim of these projects is to explore a range of new and old issues that are crucial for the Nordic countries. These topics are: 1) Ukraine and its societal development (Arkady Moshes and Ryhor Nizhnikau); 2) Nordic cooperation and human rights policies before the UN Human Rights Council (Katja Creutz); and 3) Climate change, polarization and populism (Antto Vihma and Gunilla Reischl). The projects include researchers based in the Nordic institutes, who have previously either participated in the Nordic Exchange Programme, thematic workshops or Nordic projects all financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The goal of the three projects is to produce extensive reports or academic articles in their respective thematic fields. The responsible project leader at FIIA is Leading Researcher Katja Creutz. All subprojects were finalized by the end of 2020.

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