US Research Day

US Research Day is arranged yearly, and contains one open event and smaller closed roundtables. The research day has been arranged since 2013.

US Research Day will be arranged on the 9th of June from 16-17.15 as a webinar. The topic will be the upcoming US Presidential Election and speakers are Michael Haltzel and Andrew Michta. Comments by Maria Annala and chair is Carla Norrlof.

The programmes of the past years: 

Programme 2019

Programme 2018

Programme 2017

Programme 2016

Programme 2015

Programme 2013

upcoming events

No upcoming events

Past events

Russia, Sanctions and the Transatlantic Relationship
26.04.2021 16:30 -
By invitation only
US Trade Policy and the Future of Global Order?
10.03.2021 16:00 -
By invitation only
U.S., Japan and China - identities, economics and power
19.02.2021 14:00 -
By invitation only
Transatlantic relations and the question of cybersecurity
25.01.2021 16:30 -
By invitation only
Educating the U.S. on the "China Threat"
11.12.2020 14:00 -
By invitation only
Unfinished business: Next steps on US-Russia arms control
24.11.2020 16:30 -
By invitation only
The Century of the Americas: A Conjecture
06.11.2020 14:00 -
By invitation only

Latest publications

Helwig, Niklas (2020). Die EU und die USA. In Werner Weidenfeld, Wolfgang Wessels ed(s): Jahrbuch der Europäischen Integration 2020. Baden Baden: Nomos. 385 - 390.

Sinkkonen, Ville (2020). Donald Trump, Joe Biden ja kunnioituksen askelmerkit. SAM Magazine, 18.9.