The Center on US Politics and Power

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The Center on US Politics and Power (CUSPP) is the leading research center in the Nordic countries that focuses on US politics and power. CUSPP provides research and expertise on the US global role and transforming global and regional patterns, as well as domestic drivers of foreign policy. The Center works in conjunction with the Global Security Programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. The Jane & Aatos Erkko Foundation is supporting FIIA’s Visiting Senior Fellow programme with a grant of 1.2 million euros in 2013–2018.

The goals of the CUSPP

  • to participate in expert, academic and public debates

  • to build capacity on US foreign policy studies and to strengthen FIIA’s own research on US foreign and domestic politics

  • to cooperate and network with US scholars and other research institutions

The principal roles and functions of the CUSPP include

  • Research and publications on transatlantic relations and the role played by the US in global politics for various audiences

  • Commentary and policy analysis to benefit public debate

  • The annual US Research Day at FIIA

  • The annual Helsinki Summer Session

  • Other research seminars

  • Visiting Senior Fellow programme

  • CUSPP research series on US politics and Power

The research agenda of CUSPP

CUSPP focuses on the US global role and its relation to US domestic dynamics. The focus of studies is on the US involvement in Northern Europe, including the Arctic, as well as other key regions of US foreign policy. The US is at a unique geopolitical juncture. Its power remains largely unchallenged, especially in military realm. However, the country itself is being affected by turbulent domestic dynamics and increasingly uncertain international environment. The US retains a prominent role in international economy and in global technological change, but it is under the strain of globalization forces that challenge the world order created by the US itself. At the same time, the US geopolitical position is being challenged by potential peer competitors. Does the US have the capacity to meet these global challenges?
A major focus of the CUSPP is on development between the US and highly connected Nordic region. The US has been a leader in military capabilities, economic matters, innovative technology, and knowledge production. Increasingly at the strategic level, Russia’s relations with the US, its NATO partners and allies and the European Union will influence the future of transatlantic relationship. Key transatlantic institutions such as NATO will be central to the ability of the US to retain influence in the region.

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Latest publications

Ville Sinkkonen (2018) Understanding the Trust–Distrust Nexus between the United States and Egypt In Vuorelma, Johanna; Haukkala, Hiski & van de Wetering, Claire ed(s): Trust and Mistrust in International Relations: Rationalist, Constructivist, and Psychological Approaches. Routledge.

Charly Salonius-Pasternak (2017) Finlands syn på försvarssamarbetet med Sverige In Almqvist, Kurt ed(s): Sverige och Finland. Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation / Axess Publishing.

Charly Salonius-Pasternak (2017) Positiivinen muistijälki on tulevaisuudessakin vahvan (transatlanttisen) suhteen avain Maanpuolustus, (122): 10-14.

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