Research series on the US role in global politics

The Center on US Politics and Power at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs is organizing a research series on the characteristics of the US role in global politics.

The events are organized in order to encourage cooperation and networking among researchers and experts working on US-related topics. The Center also warmly welcomes students who are interested in US politics or transatlantic relations to participate in our seminars. The seminars provide a platform for discussing current US affairs, in addition to presentations by invited guest speakers. They also give an opportunity for student presentations and discussions of their research.

Spring 2024:

February 27: Postdoctoral Researcher, Niko Heikkilä,, John Morton Center for North American Studies, University of Turku: Abortion and the United States: changing strategies in the ongoing conflict

January 16: Research Fellow CordeliaBuchanan Ponczek, FIIA: “The green transition and fractures in US politics”

Autumn 2023: 

December 12: Fulbright-University of Turku Scholar Award James Hawdon: “Online hate as a social movement: Theoretical Implications”

November 21: Peter Hans Matthews, Fulbright-Aalto Distinguished Chair (2023/4), Aalto University: “Group Favoritism and the Image Concerns of Political Partisans: Evidence from Moral Wiggle Room Experiments”

Spring 2023:

March 31: The Fulbright Bicentennial Chair in American Studies David Witwer, University of Helsinki: “Missä on Jimmy Hoffa? Searching for Hoffa in the Least Corrupt Country in the World”

Autumn 2022: 

September 16: Visiting Senior Fellow Rachel Tausenfreund, FIIA: “Feminist Foreign Policy, Progressive Foreign Policy and Great Power Competition”

October 14: Professor Benita Heiskanen, University of Turku, ”The Campus Carry Law in Texas: Rights and In/Security in an Armed Campus”

November 4: Senior Researcher Pekka Kolehmainen, University of Turku, ”The Founding Fathers in the U.S. Culture Wars” 

Spring 2022: 

January 21st: Visiting Research Fellow Eoin McNamara, FIIA: “George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Afghanistan: The Risk Society and Faulty Stabilization Policy”

February 18th: Visiting Research Fellow Maria Shagina, FIIA.

March 30th
: Professor Samuel Moyn, YALE. 

April 28th: CUSPP Junior Researcher Workshop 2022. See more info here and apply!

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For further information, please contact Project Manager Marie-Louise Hindsberg,, 09 432 77 12. 

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Lindén (os. Annala), Maria (2022). Trumpismin aikakausi voi jatkua vielä pitkään. In Lenita Toivakka ed(s): Yhdysvallat. Maakatsaus.. Helsinki: Keskuskauppakamari. 19-20.